This laboratory consists of approximately 1,737 square feet of contiguous space that is divided into eleven complexes:

  1. simulated bar lounge experimental room,

  2. experimental computer laboratory,

  3. stress reception and preparation room,

  4. acute stress experimental facility,

  5. biosafety level-2 wet lab facility,

  6. biomarker storage room,

  7. experimental control room,

  8. data processing, analysis, and training facility,

  9. bar supply room,

  10. project coordinator office, and

  11. laboratory restroom.


The HAHDL is a sound-attenuated and temperature controlled experimental complex designed to leverage cutting-edge technology to discover new ways we can improve the quality and length of life for our local communities and beyond.

From left to right: Sarah Childress (Research Scientist), Christine Smith (Undergraduate RA), Sandra Yan (Doctoral RA), Krystal Christopher (Doctoral RA), Dr. Ezemenari M. Obasi, Chaniqua Mazyck (Doctoral RA) 

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